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Gypsy van shop &
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Gypsy van shop &
service station

What to Expect when shopping in the online Gypsy van

Firstly, a warm WELCOME and thank you for coming over! I’m so excited about this online/cosmic adventure where you can find and buy lovely products and book services that you are looking for. 

This is obviously a little different for those who are used to my physical mobile Gypsy Business shop – and I am striving to make it an experience as wonderful, easy and secure as always! 

What you need to know is that you can now buy many of my wonderful trinkets, teas and ‘tings’ from the comfort of your home.

Payments are done securely through Yoco and delivered to your door by the (hopefully good looking) Courier Guy. It couldn’t be easier!

Take your own adventure through the site. Make use of my shop to send gifts to your friends with personal hand written messages direct to their door or you can buy a gift voucher that will be emailed with a coupon code to your loved ones to choose something they love.

Products are available for nationwide shipping in Mzantsi Afrika (ZA), you are welcome to contact me directly if you are outside the ‘borders’ or the AfriCan continent, or if you would like to organise your own courier, you can do so at checkout.

This is just the beginning and I have some awesome products in the pipeline so check in regularly for more trinkets and treasures!

I hope you enjoy shopping here as much as you have in real life! Thank you to all my loyal customers. Without you, the progression of the dream would not be coming to life. To the new friends… oh what an adventure awaits!


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Life is a daring adventure

My Story
(The short version
of course!)

Once upon a time in a far away land in the year 2555, I embarked on an adventure that transpired in a completely unexpected way, an invitation to go to a remote beach certainly changed my life forever.

A young reggae loving me, inspired by this remote beach bar and coffee shop, a year later started a Reggae Bar called Jungle Roots. 

What was different from others was that I wanted to offer a selection of delicious and nutritious drinks made of flowers and leaves to give the bodies extra power to party! It was really well received…
So, ‘The Herbal Bar’ was born!

Among the wonderous folk who frequented the bar was a teacher who taught me to wrap hair, in fact there were many, many folk who taught me many things.

On arriving back in the motherland of South Africa years later, somewhat unexpectedly; therefore not knowing where to settle, I gathered my learnings and skills and brought ‘GypsyBusiness’ to life, initially in the bustling Maboneng precinct of the City of Gold. After a long search, an absolute miracle happened! One electrical storm Friday afternoon on the Highveld, I entered into a relationship with an older lady, RoseMary-Jane. We, went on adventures!

The two of us were a travelling circus of organised chaos; a 1978 VW Autovilla (RoseMary-Jane) and I, through necessity, frustration, knowledge, miracles and prayers, travelled along the way creating a trade route that would sustain us both. The GypsyBusiness mobile shop soon found home amongst beloved free range humans of the outdoor festival scene around the country, bringing the Herbal Bar, hairwraps, practical trinkets, Mama’s brownies on the Highveld, Mad Hatter’s Teapots and ‘Mane’tenance of dreadlocks to the villagers – all the while keeping an eye out for a place to set up

Jungle Roots South Africa.

Over 22,000km later, the journey continues, though Kwa-Zulu Natal is the ‘chosen place’. So for now, being a modern gypsy, it seems only fitting that I fit in with you all here online, so while I  find & create the new magic space you can still access my collections of herbs, trinkets and services from the comfort of your home… and welcome to come to find me in mine… wherever I am I’ll be passionately providing the Jungle Roots Herbal Bar & Gypsy Dreadlock shop.

Happy People

"I highly recommend contacting Caiti at GypsyBusiness about some healing teas"
Greenmantel KZN
"I had the most wonderful energy exchange with this lovely lady. She touched up my dreads for me and they have never looked better. The experience was seriously one of a kind and beautifully rounded. She started the session with an incantation to bring good into my life and for me to do good to others. The vibrational frequency and connectedness of this was just absolutely stunning. She works with such knowledge, understanding and pure intuition. Always knowing when enough is enough and when to power straight through. I highly recommend her, this is not only a dread touch up, but a powerful, vibrational experience. Thank you so much to these loving hands for their creation! <3 "
Adri-annè Bührmann
Amazing tea 😍😍 We bought some for our Spa and our clients absolutely love it. THANK YOU
Origin Wellness Spa
"This woman is incredibly talented. She is wonderful company and her work is flawless! I have been rewound and dreaded up and every bit of the process I was reassured, guided and very comfortable. I highly 11/10 recommend Caity is a wonderful person and dedicated to her art as a Locktitian. Thank you Caity for my locks back!"
Mel Tepish
"Caiti is absolutely incredible at what she does and the time and energy and love that goes into everything she does is outstanding! I am so blessed to have this beautiful lady tend to my dreads, not only for maintenance but also for amazing tea blends that I use to soak my hair in. I have also had amazing tea blends from her for all sorts of things from tummy cramps to sleep remedies. Thank you Caiti for being such a blessing and inspiration to me on so many levels"
Megan Goble